Thursday, June 12, 2014

It's the Little Friday Link up!

Hey ladies and gents,

I promise I'll be back to regularly blogging sometime soon.

I'm just filled with distractions like:
-Baby M talking away making cooing sounds for hours at a time (It's really cute, I promise).
-Falling Asleep during Orange is the New Black episodes because I'm so exhausted yet I waited months for this.
-Pondering over being docked three points off my essay in my Child Development class.
-Hacking up all kinds of fun stuff, thanks allergy season!
-Debating which days I should take off of work and if I did, if I would even leave the house.
-Should I or should I not cut all my hair off.
-I have a preschool song stuck in my head, "Days of the Week, Days of the week....there is Sunday and Monday and..." It probably doesn't help that my husband sings "What's the weather like?" every morning.

But here's the good news... I'm co-hosting the little Friday link up over on one of my favorite blogs...

...So Let's Link up!

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Rules are there are no rules! 

Please link-up to whatever you like! 

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Happy Little Friday Everyone!

The Grits Blog

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishful Wednesday

On this beautiful Wednesday in June, I have a couple of wishes for the summertime.

One. I have yet to see baby M rolling.

How do I know that he is rolling?
Well, every time I check on him sleeping in the crib, he is in a different direction then how I laid him to sleep.
Also, my husband has told me he's watched him roll to his side, then stomach and then the other side.
...yet Miley doesn't do it for me. Despite my husband saying, "Come over here and show your Mom!"

He smiles and lays flat until I put him on the changing table. He grabs at his feet and giggles while I attempt to change him. I have a little jokester on my hands. Can I just wish to see him roll (in a safe place) for me to see for myself?

Two. I'm ready to be done with my school work and become "senior staff" at my job.

I love my job, which is why I'm pursuing more education. However, it is currently taking several hours away from spending time with little M, my husband and my Mom. I am wishing for June to speed along and for it to be July already. July has always been one of my favorite months. Bring on the fireworks, baseball, swimming pools, sea glass hunting with Mom, playing with M and my wedding Anniversary. Bring on hours to potentially have some free time in my life again.

What are your Wednesday wishes?

Love the Here and Now

Monday, June 2, 2014

In the Top 5.

Worst Nightmare, Graphite and Watercolor, 2013.

I have been really stressed about life lately.
...M is sleeping in his own room. School work. Job Stress.

My days revolve around getting M ready for school, working, coming home, washing laundry and bottles, playing with M and bed. Somehow, I manage fitting in my school work and eating in between.

It's rare that I feel like I'm getting enough time to spend on one task.
On Wednesday, I finished one of my classes I needed for my Preschool Certifications.

Today I received this email from the professor:
Jennifer, Well done! You have designed a developmentally appropriate unit theme for preschoolers with opportunities for learning in all domains, and for children to explore their interests. You should be able to put this to use in your work with preschoolers. I wish you continued success in your career! Congratulations, you are among the top 5 students in this class! Please keep in touch about how this unit works when you implement it.

It feels like someone just gave me the perfect high five.
My final project was 34 pages in length.
There were eleven lesson plans based around the "Ocean." Technically, more but written less formally in extension activities.
I was dedicated to getting a 100 on the final and I did.
I scored a 99.6% in the class.

I am grateful for the comment about being in the Top 5. My hard work did not go unnoticed when sometimes I feel like I am treading water trying to get all the things I need to get done every day.

This was the pick me up that I needed.