Monday, January 26, 2009

If you are looking for my ONE WORLD ONE HEART posting, see the post before this one!!
The more comments I get on it, the more it's likely I'll be giving some more small giveaways to various participants to my giveway!!

On to my blog posting today,
I realize that I am far to negative about everything in my life lately.
I stress myself out way beyond than any 22 year old woman should over all kinds of silly things.

For this reason, I am going to start recording some of the things that make me happy on random days.

So what made me happy today (in no particular order):

1. Veggie Stirfry with Rice with a Chile Garlic sauce for lunch. And a sweet brownie with chocolate chips that I probably shouldn't of eaten.
2. Logging in to my blog to see that I had 76 comments on my One World One Heart post, and it's growing! You guys rock and it excites me that you are all interested in my atcs and extra goodies!!
3. My Jeans are kind of short at the bottom, which makes me feel like my legs are longer.
4. I received some lovely atcs (artist trading cards) in the mail today!
5. I get to watch Whale Rider in my Religion and Film class tonight. I started watching it a couple of weeks ago on netflix with JR, but the streaming got messed up. I'm excited to see the other half I missed.
6. I'm probably going to have some portabella mushrooms with fresh rosemary either tonight for dinner or tomorrow.
7. My hair is behaving today, it looks like this picture below:

thanks for reading!! :)


HeArt Collective said...

a good hair day is always cool for lifting the spirits! :)

i love the idea of counting your blessings.

have fun with it!

Laura B said...

Garlic mushrooms rock!
Great list of "good things", things don't seem so bad when you look at the good stuff :)