Saturday, December 6, 2014

A High Five for Elf on a Shelf...

"The electricity bill tastes really good, Mom!"

I don't know who created Elf on the Shelf and I don't really care but I think it's absolutely brilliant.

The entire month, I get to remind my preschoolers that their elves are watching and ready to report to Santa if they're not making the right choices. These elves are making these children behave like absolute angels.

There isn't stuff being thrown across the room.
They are not fighting over toys.
They're SHARING with one another.
They have their listening ears on (well, the majority of the time).
They are not jumping off the furniture.
They are using the bathroom properly and washing their hands.
They are drawing only on paper.
They even are not trying to only eat their fruit snacks for lunch..."Ms. Jenn, I ate all of my sandwich!"

...and my most favorite, I'm not hearing my preschoolers say to one another "You're not my friend anymore!"

After December, my next question is what character comes to report to Santa the rest of the year?

Also, I need to think a solution for when M is older.
He clearly (and cutely), does what he wants!
Do I make him a small Maccabee (we're Jewish) that travels around our house?

Meanwhile, M is smiling right now at me...plotting his next move...

What do you think of Elf on a Shelf?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

You Need a Slim Jim

Sunday mornings are my "me time." Well, at least for the part of the morning where I run our errands.
Grocery shopping, Getting gas in my Car, buying knick nacks and supplies for my classroom are the norm.

This morning I set out to get coffee, buy more ink for my printer, get groceries and head to the dollar store.

The dollar store sucks me in EVERY TIME.
...Kind of like Target but worse.

The following thoughts run through my head:
"I totally could use more foam stickers!"
"Let's get five, it's only a dollar a piece!"
"The kids will love these! Let's buy it for my prize box."
"Buy two, in case you run out!"
"I'll definitely find a use for this!"
"...But I need it."
"This is just adorable!"


So after my cart full of stuff because I just had to buy the Star Wars Wrapping Paper, Christmas Pencils, Holiday Socks and the things I actually came for... I was approached by a boy (probably age 5) standing in line with his Mother...

Kid: *Holding up a Slim Jim* "Do you need any Slim Jims?"
Me: "No, I don't think so."
His Mother: *calling his name* "Not everyone likes Slim Jims."
Kid: "That's it!" *pause* "You probably already have enough at home already!"
His Mother: "Not everyone is like you and your Father! She probably doesn't like them."
Me: "I don't have any Slim Jims at home, i'm not really a fan."
Kid: "They're nice and spicy!" *Tries to hand me the package with the Slim Jim and Cheese Stick*
His Mother: "Put it down please *name*, not everyone needs Slim Jims."

I don't need Slim Jims, but apparently I needed all this other miscellaneous stuff because it was only a dollar.

What did I go to the dollar store for? Ribbon, Gift stickers and wrapping paper.
Hope my Secret Santa loves her gifts.

I'd buy her a Slim Jim, but I don't think she needs any. :)

Knock on Wood

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Conversations with Three Year Olds

unifinished studio drawings, 2012.

I can't count how many times my preschoolers say something really great and that I wish I would of written it down.
It happens all the time.

Here are some recent gems:

x: "Do you know what to tell someone when they are mean to you?"
Me: "No, What do you tell them?"
x: "You tell them that you like their pants!"
Me: "That you like their pants? Really?"
x: "Yes! You say... I really like your shirt and your pants!"
Me: "Okay, I'll try that next time!"

x: *singing* "Ms. Jenn has a great big arm! Great big arm..."
Me: "What??"
x: "Ms. Jenn!!! I just love your great big arms!"

x: "Why isn't the CD player working?"
Me: "Because it keeps eating my CDs."
x2: "Well tell it to stop, you shouldn't eat CDs!"

You can find some more gems here:
Conversations with Four Year Olds
Appreciation and Four Year Old Quotes

Happy Saturday!

Friday, November 28, 2014

I am Still Here

So I realized that I haven't blogged in almost 6 months.
I actually really love to blog. I would still blog if no one read it.

I simply didn't blog because my life got busier and I didn't want to force badly written entries.
So what did I do with my time?

In August, I was promoted. Still working for the same school, I switched locations and now teach 3 (and 4) year olds. My job is incredibly challenging and rewarding at the same time. The only complaint I have is the money. However, I love going to work.

I plan to post some of my various crafts at some point.

In September, I spent lovely weather weekends outside with baby M. We did things like going Blackberry Picking. M could really make quite the farmer if he wants to be one.

In October, Baby M was a Burrito for Halloween and I made his costume. My preschoolers decorated fall trees, pumpkins and made cookies.

In November, I read my kids Pete the Cat's "White Shoes" over and over again. Goodness, No!

Baby M turned 9 months. He's into everything. Meanwhile, I'm trying to teach my preschoolers their Christmas Pageant songs...

Hide it under a bushel? NO!
I'm gonna let it shine!
Let it Shine, Let it Shine, Let it Shine.

I also took down my artist website. This is something that I had debated for a long time. My time at Graduate School is something I would like to forget.

So that's a very brief look into what's been going on in my life...

I will try to blog more. I am definitely miss the world of Bloggin'.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Blogmopolitan Quiz: Round 3

Oh snap! The Blogmopolitan Quiz is back!
Join in on the fun over at Two Thirds Hazel

Come join the fun, I'd love to see your "quiz."
Blogmopolitan Quiz on Two Thirds Hazel

Monday, July 21, 2014

Grateful Heart

I am incredibly grateful for moments like this...
My ninety-one year old Grandfather with my 24 week old son.
Here they are sharing a laugh over baby M's Thomas the train.
I'm blessed to have them both in my life and I learn so much for each one of them.

My grandfather inspires me to make art and go after everything I dreamed of.
He never let me say that I can't do something.
He encourages me to try hard at everything I do.

Baby M looks up at me and I feel like I want to give him the world.
I plan to give him all that I can and then some.

My aim is to keep them... proud. happy. smiling.

I am filled with a #gratefulheart when I think about these two.

Ember Grey

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Things My Husbands Says (No.3)

Being a preschool teacher, I come home talking about things that include bathroom stories.
One of those conversations recently lead to this gem my husband said on Potty training...

Husband: "When we train M to go potty in the toilet, we will use cheerios."
Me: "Like treats for my dogs?!?!"
Husband: "No, we'll throw them in the toilet and pretend they are aliens for him to shoot down."
Me: "Where did you even get that idea from?"
Husband: "I just came up with it."
Me: "...and then we can give him M&Ms like my Mom did with my brother."

It's a little early for potty training, but at least we have some ideas. ;)