Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I was talking to a friend recently about how we all have weird obsessions/quirks.
(That could possibly me seen as compulsive).

Here are mine (in no particular order):
1. I used to touch doorways entering and exiting houses as a kid, I considered it good luck...and I assumed if I didn't something bad would happen.
2. If I panic I count to ten, I don't think it calms anything down in my mind but I still do it anyway.
3. I try to talk to the people I'm close to as often as possible, I have a fear of losing people. But if I'm truly upset about things between us, I can't deal and am reserved/quiet.
4. I'm very superstitious. I don't walk under ladders. I get nervous when I see black cats on the street. I wish when I'm driving over railroads tracks and when I see 11:11 on the clock. I don't open umbrellas indoors. I believe in ghosts.
5. I used to count trees as a kid, when my mom was driving and I was sitting in the backseat.

..Most of the time I can't handle my own emotions. So this isn't a compulsion or quirk, but it's really true of me.


roc said...

i think we all have some things that are uniquely our own, it just makes us who we are. i loved that you shared some of those things.

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Those are some interesting quirks - superstition is a powerful thing. (I'm not, but my husband is very superstitious). You have a very nice blog here - I love the pics below of your dog in the snow.

Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. :)