Friday, January 8, 2010

Things you May Not know about me: 1

(picture from the shelf in my studio)

Things you many not know about me: Episode One

1. When I was 16, I wore ribbons in my hair. My favorite ones were a purple one with white polka dots and a rainbow one.

2. I consider myself to be a collector.
Since I was little I've collected all kinds of things... shells, buttons, bits of paper, sea glass, marbles, jewelry, things I find outside (acorns, stones, nuts, leaves, etc.), beads, small containers, found photographs, vintage photographs, postcards, stationary, art and other things I'm sure I forgot to list.

3. When I was in 8th grade, I bought a metallic blue bracelet with small spikes on it.
It wasn't similar to anything else I wore but I loved that bracelet till I lost it.

4. I used to hate to draw with pencil. I was told numerous times that I shaded weird...and now I really appreciate pencil and the way I draw.
I was also told numerous times that I couldn't draw, HELLO NAY SAYERS I AM IN GRAD SCHOOL FOR ART. If anyone ever tells you you're not good enough...YOU SHOULD IGNORE THEM.

5. I love bright colored socks. I love bright colored anything.

6. I once had a small pet duck named Dottie. I saved her from my first job (at an animal park) where they were going to feed her to a snake.

7. My favorite word is "Kitchen" because one my friends in 10th grade told me it has a nice ring to it when said aloud and I agreed. Also, possibly because of my love for food. ;)

8. As a kid I loved grape and cream soda, but there is too much garbage in soda I try not to drink soda often.

9. I like being near water but I almost drowned in a pool as a kid (before I learned how to swim). I don't consider myself a great swimmer now and I can't say that I even love swimming...but I still have a fear of drowning.

10. Sharks and anything else in the ocean fascinate me. Corals, fish, rocks, name it.

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