Thursday, July 22, 2010


In the words of Rob Dyrdek and Big Black, "DO WORK SONNNNN"

I thought I'd post some process and studio shots from the last year up until now.

carving a woodblock in my studio, I abandoned this print but I love this photo. Great color!

Working on Aquatints in the printmaking studio, here is a shot of hard ground on my copper etching plates. Also, sipping on Pom Wonderful's tea...tea is a studio staple of mine ;)

Here is a shot of my messy desk and lunch of sushi! I was trying to cut this really thick plastic to make shaped plates for printing (relief printmaking). It was a dumb idea because it took forever scoring the plastic over and over again to try to pop the cut pieces out. It gave my wrists a workout and I eventually settled on another method.

Here are a couple of shots from my studio at KU:
These shots are from January, the stuff on my walls pretty much changes every week.
These are mostly side/corner shots. The backwall has 8 windows.
It's really spacious, bigger then my bedroom in my apartment.

And Last but not least,
a process photo of what I'm working on now. Graphite drawings of body parts and organs.
You're probably thinking "SAY WHAT?!" but my graduate school work is currently centered around the idea of medical anxieties that I have. I have this interest of abnormal growth within the human body, so I've been trying to create drawings of this. I've been creating what I consider to be new systems within the body. So I am compiling different body parts almost as if I was creating a new respiratory or nervous system.
These pieces in the photo are still in the early stages, I'm making a bunch of smaller pieces to create a larger piece.

I'm teaching Intro to Drawing to new art and design majors this semester, and I'm interested to see if pushing drawing more everyday is going to continue changing my work.

Do you have a space where you make art or craft? I'd love to see it! Send me links to your photos :)


Sherry said...

I think it's very brave to post work in progress, you are very talented.

I'm a POM drinker too. In the winter I heat it up!

Pretty Things said...

I'm longing for your lunch!

Here's my glass studio: