Saturday, August 14, 2010

Thrift store score + some of my jewelry collection

This morning, I found this wonderful vintage jewelry box at goodwill for only $1.99!

I am in love with it, it also winds up in the back and when you open the drawers you can hear an old wind up tune :)
There are two small drawers up top and two larger drawers (which are perfect for my heavy beaded necklaces).

I spent about an hour rearranging all my jewelry (I actually have two other wooden vintage jewelry boxes) and rehanging all my earrings on one of the holders I used to display my wears at a craft store over the summer.

But I thought I would share with you the contents inside my new box...
and share with you (to the best of my memory) where each piece came from ;)

First Drawer:

-Resin Heart Sparkles and Glitter Necklace made by Stoopidgerl (gift from my boyfriend)
-Vintage Charm Bracelet made from old class rings (found in Echoes and Accents in Annapolis, Maryland)
-Seashell Pendant from Florida (gift from my old roommate Jess)
-Shell, ceramic, metal and turquoise bracelet (gift from my brother)
-Green Sea Glass Pendant from Sea Glass Designs (birthday gift from one of my best friends, Rachel)
-Garnet Silver Star Necklace (gift from my brother)

Second Drawer:

-Copper Potato Brooch, made by me in college jewelry class
-White Sea glass Pendant, made by me
-Beaded Memory Bracelet, made by my mom :)
-Shell ring by UrbanAdornments
-Octopus Pendant by Anomalous Bits
-Vintage Rhinestone Ring (found in Antique Shop in Illinois)
-Vintage Avon Brooch (found in Antique Shop in Illinois)
-Vintage Malachite and Silver Pendant (gift from Mom)
-Fused glass pendant (gift from Mom, also have matching earrings)
-Owl hairpin from Sweeter Than Me Designs

Third Drawer:

Gifts from my mom: Blue Resin handmade beaded necklace (thrifted), Vintage Multi-colored bead necklace, Silver and Purple Leather cuff bracelet, Vintage Brass Charm Earrings, Silver Mayan or Aztec? bracelet (ebay), Amethyst slice necklace (won in raffle from my elementary school, store no longer exists)
-Unakite Teardrop Pendant, made by me
-Copper and Silver Fern Leaf Ring, made by me
-Where the Wild Things Are Necklace from PendantLicious

Fourth Drawer:

-Vintage Brown and Floral Plastic Bead Necklace (from my Mom)
-Glass Bead and Metal Washer Necklace (thrifted)
-Pink beaded Bracelet (free from breast cancer awareness donation, can't remember which organization)
-Bright Green Turquoise and Silver choker Necklace, handmade my a seller on a street in Tel Aviv. Love this necklace but I need to get it's way too heavy for normal wear.
-Turquoise and small turquoise bead silver necklace, bought at Craft Fair (gift from my grandparents)

So there you have it, a look into some of my jewelry collection ;)
I still have to figure out what to do with all of my delicate necklaces without getting them tangled.

Also, I've decided I need to collect more rings and bracelets.

Feel free to share some of your jewelry collections and/or how you store your jewelry with me! :)


Brooke said...

I love looking at all of your jewelry (how delightful to peek into another's jewelry box!) Jewelry is so fun and unique :)

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it :) That is exciting your teaching at a university in the fall too!! What subject do you teach?

Brooke said...

Oh, and what a steal on that jewelry box - I love visiting thrift and antique stores for great finds like that!

JennTRC said...

Thanks Brooke!

I teach in the foundation art program, specifically drawing to incoming freshmen :)

Robin said...

Wow! The items of the second drawer is so nice! Vivid colors and unique designs make jewelry to attractive, I'm sure of that. I remember my cousin, Jenna, who's looking for diamond rings. Calgary is a home to fine jewelry designers, so it wasn't difficult for her to find the best product. She's also fond of engagement rings, Calgary handmade products that are customized for individual needs.

Thanks for showing us your jewelry collection. You're such an organized beauty!