Friday, November 5, 2010

My halloween face...

Hey ladies and gents,

you may remember a few posts back that I talked about wanting to be Ke$ha for Halloween.
Well I did just that, Here is me in my blonde wig and face full of glitter:

I wore a long black sweater (hey, maybe Ke$ha does wear clothes when it's cold out), a pair of zebra print leggings with some black boots. I wore numerous chains and feather earrings. I also was equipped with bangles, glitter bracelets, beads and more glitter in general!

People actually guessed my costume without me having to tell them who I was. I ran into one of my students on the street who didn't even recognize it was me!

A few of my friends said that I'm too pretty to pull off Ke$ha's strung out look which I thought was pretty funny.

And now everyone is telling me I need to go platinum blonde...

What were you for Halloween? Any great stories about your Halloween holiday this year?

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