Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Etsy picks: Rings!

This morning, walking down the steps of my apartment and out onto the sidewalk, my clumsy self slipped and fell in the snow and I felt one of my rings fly off! I've searched the area of snow several times and to the point where I confused the postman (as he thought I was waiting for him). So long little silver ring, hopefully I still can find you when the snow melts.

If anyone in Lawrence, finds a silver ring in the snow that's a size's mine ;)

On account of my story above and the fact that many people I know are getting engaged...

My etsy picks for today are rings that I found and love!

Without further ado, some etsy rings:

Citrine 925 Sterling Silver Ring via yeganeart

Pink Drusy Ring via LvoffStudio

Lapis Lazuli Ring via KatrinasJewel

Large Turquoise and solid .925 Sterling Silver Ring via curiouswing

Pink Tourmaline Ring Sterling Silver and 18k Gold via Forkwhisperer

Hard Candy Ring- Gold Garnet via hperl

Hulali - Designer Druzy Quartz and Oxidized Sterling Silver Ring via blacksanddesigns

Such beautiful rings on etsy :)

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