Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awkward Lunchroom Moment

Sequin firework collage via my sketchbook, 2012.

You know when someone says something rude to you and you have no idea how to respond...
Maybe because your mother told you not to say rude things/insult others...
Or maybe because you just don't believe in belittling others...
Well that happened to me today, in the break room at my place of employment.

I was eating my sandwich, picking at my fries, and drinking my diet soda that I bought with my own money. I usually pack my lunch, so a warm sandwich and fries is a rare treat to me and I don't eat like that very often.

All of a sudden (and completely out of NOWHERE), a coworker who I hardly know starting making comments about what I was putting in my body. She went on a rant about how many calories were in my food and how I shouldn't eat things like that.


All I could think was "HOWWWW RUDEEEE" in my Stephanie Tanner from Full House voice in my brain and how uncomfortable I felt at the moment sitting there with my sandwich I very much wanted to finish in front of me.
I just blankly stared at her until she went on a rant about something else.

I can't imagine making a comment like that to a practical stranger, as I basically am to her. I'm responsible for the things I put in my body and sometimes my body needs the carbs (especially today after running around like a mad woman getting my to do list done at work).

Women should support each other, not belittle each other.
I also believe you have the right to choose to eat a sandwich and fries whenever you want unless your doctor tells you not too ;)

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