Friday, February 1, 2013

My work week at a glance...

This week was crazy busy at work.
I feel like I always have a neverending to do list to accomplish and one of my co-worker keeps joking that I need to look up the word "break" in a dictionary. "Seriously Jenn, Do you ever sit down?" NO!

Here are some interesting moments from my work week:

My co-worker keeps finding love notes all over the store. She found this on one of our mannequins and then found a pin that read "You are loved." Sounds like something out of a movie, eh? Anyway, whoever you are out there leaving these things for us to find when the store is a disaster, THANK YOU. The pick me up is appreciated. Also, check out the website listed...what beautiful positive messages!

Remember how I just said the store is a disaster? Well, our mannequins keep getting destroyed...they're also missing arms/hands. SERIOUSLY. This fact is actually depressing, but I had a really funny conversation with my boss about trying to fix the hands/video game piece above.

Me: "Do we have any blue paint to fix this with after I somehow glue it back together?"
Boss: *Opens desk drawer* "Ummmm I have a ball point pen..."
Me: "Maybe I should just scribble all over it before someone else does."
Boss: "What about a highlighter..."

We both started laughing. Maybe it was one of those things where you had to be there. Anyway, frat guys/immature people/weirdos please stop stealing the hands of mannequins from your local department store. It's not cool, they hardly get replaced and these one armed mannequins are never in style.

Doesn't it look like I had a fight with all these cosmetics ads and they won? False. This is my weekly amount of cosmetics ads that I change...this mess is created on my desk once a week getting them all together for being put up the following day. Oddly enough, you also can see some menswear spring dress shirt promos going on at the same time.

This work week ended by buying a super cute pair of shoes and they were a steal! I can't wait to wear them this weekend. Excuse, the cluttered photo...I was just that excited.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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