Friday, February 15, 2013


My boyfriend is pretty much the sweetest.

I had a feeling he wouldn't go all cliche and would surprise me with something I wanted/love/appreciated for Valentine's Day.
I worked late hours all week so I could have Friday off and was massively tired...
I opened the door to find him saying "Happy Valentine's Day Babe," with roses in his hands.

My resonse: "Awww thanks babe, do we have a vase?"
He today me he had thought of that too and pulled out a super fun vase from our kitchen.

We hugged and shared a kiss, it was perfect. (Sorry for the mushy stuff).

Sitting on the couch were two wrapped presents, one ended up being a bag of Sour Patch kids (My favorite) and the other present was *Drumroll please* these:

My boyfriend absolutely knows the way to my heart, bright colored kicks.
You see we always window shop and browse online for shoes. About a month ago, we were out in a mall and I spotted a pair of bright colored rainbow osiris shoes on clearance, alas they only had one pair and it wasn't in my size. I was disappointed. So you see, Jason made it his mission to find me another pair of bright osiris shoes. He's the best.

My co-workers were convinced I was getting engaged when Jason told me he was worried his present might be an "epic fail," because I went and bought three pairs of shoes last weekend. Thank you, Nine West. However, it was flats and a pair of heels, no sneakers.

Our Valentine's Day meal: Spaghetti with Pesto, Sauteed Shrimp (With Garlic and Basil) and Sundried Tomatoes with some Parmesan Cheese. It was delicious, It's Jason's favorite thing I make. He also loves Pesto on anything, so pesto automatically equals a win in his eyes. ;)

I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day whether you're with someone or your own Valentine. Did you write about your V-Day experience? Let me know, I would love to read it! :)

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Megan Colwell said...

Found you through The Little Owl. I thought we might follow each other. I Really love artwork too - I feature pyrography on my blog as well as other fun stuff :)