Thursday, March 14, 2013

Color Transparency Experiments

I made these collages probably my sophomore year of college. 2006-2007.

I was in a wonderful studio class that was called "Color Theory Painting."
It was probably one of my favorite classes in undergrad and I'm lucky enough that my Mom saved many of my assignments from the course (which I recently found).
The instructor was named Rick, we only met on Fridays where we painted and made collages, he usually brought us baked goods to munch on. The critiques were honest and fun. Rick encouraged us to mix colors and explore new ways to build our paint palettes.

I don't know what happened to Rick but he shaped my love for color and the way it works. Color to me was almost as sweet as the Brownies he would sit in front of us. Friday mornings always became very productive days in my Studio while I was in graduate school. There is something really magical about bright sunlight streaking into your window as you paint.

Color is a wonderful tool, don't waste it. Thank you Rick, for teaching me that.

These collages are examples of Color Transparency.
Definition: As one hue takes on the color of another, the first can appear to sink back into the environment of that second color. A progression or gradation of the color will suggest transparency and dept.

Simple speaking if you lay the middle piece (vertical) of color that is transparent over the strip of color (horizontal), the center color will be created.

Do you love color as much as I do?

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