Sunday, March 3, 2013

My New Handmade Bulletin Boards

Last night, Jason helped me make new bulletin boards out of cork sheets, foamcore, mod podge, hot glue and these plastic flowers we were disposing of at work a few months ago.

When I saw these metallic flowers, I couldn't get rid of them. I think they belonged to a past coach advertisement and I knew I could turn them into something cool.

We glued the thick cork backing we bought from the craft store down and weighted it with cans.
Next, I hot glued the flowers to the cork.

I then slowly and patiently used a utility knife with a sharp blade to cut around the flower shape.

Here is part of the cork mess.

Two of the Three finished Bulletin boards. I'm in love!
I plan to attach these babies to the wall when I get a desk in our place.

Stay tuned to find out what I do with some of these cork scraps ;)

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