Saturday, March 2, 2013

So Long to the Mannequins!

I recently quit my job to start something new.
Yesterday, was officially my last day. These guys right here are my last men's trend created.

Apparently this season in mens fashion it's very important to pop bright colors, especially pink.
And here...I feel like I made a bowl of fruit. Hello tomatoes, oranges and blueberries!

Yesterday, I felt a big sigh of relief as I was driving home from having lunch and drinks with my boss and another co-worker. People never realized in other departments how stressful my job was, I always had a never ending to do list and dealt with some serious crazies.

I liked my job for the most part but there are some things I won't miss.

Remember how I said I dealt with some serious crazies above? Here is a few recent stories.

Two days ago, I get a text from my boss telling me a woman wants a shirt off a man's mannequin and asked if I could go grab it quickly. Sure, that seems simple.
I approach the woman standing near the mannequin and ask if that's the shirt she wants.
She nods but the way she is talking I can't understand anything else she's saying.
I unpin/unbutton the button up shirt and head it to her.
Her reponse: She starts pointing to the pants.
Me: "Did you want those pants too?"
Her: "No, No."
She starts tugging at the belt.
Me: "Oh the belt, what size did you need?"
(I asked this because people always think their size is on the mannequin when half the time, it isn't and then they get mad when you take off the clothes and it's the "wrong" size).
Her: 36.
Me: This is a 32. *shows tag* I can take you to where this belt is so you have the right size.
Her: No, this belt is a 36.
Me: I'm sorry, this actually is a 32 in size. The belts are over here, let's see if the size you're looking for is here.
Her: Getting visibly angry, she starts yelling that the belt is a 36.
Me: Thinking in my head I can't magically make it that size, I go grab the belt off the fixture in a 36 and hand it to her.
Her: Still angry, "THIS IS NOT THE SAME BELT. blah blah blah blah blah"
Me: Wanting to scream knowing it's the same belt, "Here is the rest of the selection in the size you need."
....And I ran away.
I should point out that numerous associates walked by during this 20 minute exchange and rolled their eyes and laughed. Thanks for the help, guys.

My boss told me about this story that happened Thursday.
A woman came in to return a pair of pants that she ripped the tags off and threw away along with throwing away the receipt after saying the pants originally fit.
Why was she trying to return them?
The pants did not fit her.
Confused the sales associate asked, "Did you try them on?"
The woman said "Yes, I tried on one leg so I ripped the tags off because they fit then."
So, yes...this woman assumed by trying on one pants leg they would fit. I never heard such a thing.
The pants were not returned/accepted.

That's enough for now, I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I plan to go to the craft store today and make some things :)

Happy Saturday!

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