Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tutorial: How to Make a Packing Tape Image Transfer

If you've never made a packing tape Image Transfer, You're in for a real treat today! This craft is super fun and really easy to do. For very few supplies you can make a lot. :)

Tape Image Transfers are used in art, scrap booking, bookmaking, card making and other various craft projects.
It adds another layer of dimension and adds a nice glossy finish to your image. Also, you can play around with Transparency of multiple images together.

On to the Making!

You will need:
-Packing Tape. I am using Scotch brand "Moving and Packing in this Tutorial.
Any packing tape will do and they may yield different effects. Experiment and try a few.
-A Burnisher or Bone Folder.
These are available at your local arts & crafts store.
-Images to make into Transfers.
I mostly use images I've found in magazines, junk mail, brochures.
-A Small Bowl to be later filled with Warm Water.
-A Ruler or Straight Edge.
-Scissors or Exacto Knife.
-Scrap paper or a Sketchbook.

(Optional) Materials to use for adhering your Image Transfers to other surfaces: Mod Podge or Gel Medium, Glue Stick, White Glue, Scotch Tape.

Wax Paper or Glassine for storing your transfers if not using right away.

Step 1: Add a piece of packing tape to cover the image you want to make into your transfer. If Image is larger than your piece of packing tape use multiple pieces slightly overlapping each other.

Step 2: With your Bone Folder/Burnisher, Burnish over the entire packing tape surface over your image. Make sure to hit all the edges and corners too.

Step 3: Briefly check the back the image to make sure the Image is adhering to the tape. Trim down any access around the packing tape, so you just have your image to work with (no extra tape or paper). Next, fill your small bowl halfway with warm water.

Step 4: Dip your Image in the water and let it saturate for about 10-15 seconds. It's good to keep a paper towel or towel around to avoid drips all over your workspace.

Step 5: Peel away at the paper on the back slowly. I use pad of my thumb by rubbing in slow circular motions. You may have to slowly saturate the piece again. If the water gets cold, sometimes fresh warm water will help the process move faster.

Step 6. Completely peel off the paper backing. Set your Transfer aside to dry. I quickly run over the transfer with a paper towel and then place onto a clean sheet of paper. You have now made a successful packing tape transfer!

Storage: I store mine in a sketchbook with wax paper sheets in between until I'm ready to use them.

Adhering: When I use them in projects, I Adhere them by brushing a small amount of glue, gel medium or mod podge on the back.

I hope this Tutorial was useful to you, Let me know if you have any Questions! :)

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