Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tutorial: Sequin Fireworks

Here's a simple tutorial on how to make "Sequin Fireworks" as I call them.
They can be used on cards, in scrapbooks and in various other art projects.

These fireworks are also a quick craft, it took me about 15 minutes to make one to show you!

For this project you will need:
1. Glue, I'm using Elmer's All Purpose Craft Bond but any craft glue you have on hand will work.
2. Pen.
3. Pencil.
4. Paper of your choice to glue your "Firework" to.
5. Ruler or other Straight edge.
6. Sequins.
The sequins I'm using here were bought off ebay, it was under $4 for all of them (12 jars). They were for "nail art (Nail Art Glitter)" but they don't do well with my favorite top coat so I prefer to use them for craft projects.

Another shot of my sequin jars for fun...alright let's get crafting!

First, draw or trace a small circle on your piece of paper with your pencil.

After you've drawn your circle, take your pen and make some dots around the circle.

Erase your pencil circle. You now have the first part of your firework marked out.

Next, take your straight edge line it up with one of your dots and work your way around the circle creating what I call the Firework "burst". It's okay if your dots aren't perfect lined up.

Working on creating the shape...

Firework shape complete!

Now we're reading to bring on the glue. I like to work from the center ring out, ring by ring so I don't smear the glue. Start by dabbing a spot of glue in the center, add a sequin to each dab of glue.

I always select my sequin colors at random, but solid color fireworks are just as fun as multi-colored ones! Use what's best for your project. :)

Oh yeah! Look at that Firework starting to emerge.

Bam! You have your very own Sequin Firework!

Feel free to show me if you make a Sequin Firework! Thanks for reading my tutorial. :)


Megan Colwell said...

FUN! I bet you could use some glitter and do some really tiny sparkles!

The Nautical Owl

Nails Beautiqued said...

I would like to get these for nail art. Can you give me the sellers name?

JennTRC said...

Nails Beautiqued, just search nail art glitters on ebay...and they should pop up!

Anonymous said...

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