Sunday, April 14, 2013

Saturday! Acme Bar. Fun Toys for All. Annapolis.

Jason and I had a lovely Saturday, we went downtown and had some fun!

This is us last Saturday before we hit up an Orioles game at Camden Yards.

We walked around the water and hit up one of my favorite local stops to eat at.
It's Called Acme Bar & Grill. Seriously, if you are ever in Annapolis I highly recommend this place.
Here is their website.

The food is fresh and fairly inexpensive.

...While it's definitely a bar, it has a family atmosphere and even serves Sunday brunch.

I loved when our waitress brought out our coasters, they made me miss Lawrence, Kansas and Kansas City a bit...

They only had Boulevard's Tank 7 though so I passed on the beer.

For appetizers, Jason ordered some Onion Rings and I ordered the Cream of Crab Soup...

....some of the best Cream of Crab Soup you can find in Annapolis! Yum!

When It came to our meals, Jason ordered some Sliders...

I don't eat beef but even I thought they looked delicious!
Jason was so full after his onion rings, he only ate two and the waitress immediately thought there was something wrong with them.
Jason assured her he was just full and they were great...and then later ate the rest for dinner!

I ordered a salad, it was perfect.
I loved the fact that it had fresh blue cheese and tortilla chips too!

After we finished our delicious meal, we walked around a bit more and visited an awesome Toy Store!
It's called Fun For All Toys.

There is an amazing selection of games and nostalgic toys from the 80s/early 90s. So many fun little things, that are reasonably priced too!

I ended up purchasing a pack of sun paper to make some prints and these little bits...

I really like the Dead Bull one, ha!

I'll definitely be going back to that Toy Store soon.

Did you have a lovely weekend? Do tell! :)


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Mary Beth // Annapolis said... two are the cutest! Need I say? I'm jealous of where you live. I grew up near there and have lots of fun memories in Annapolis. I'm in the midwest now and to say I miss it would be an understatement. Thanks for linking up to Annapolis. I hope you have many more wonderful weekend memories! Nice to "meet" you Jenn! Xoxoxo, mary beth