Thursday, May 2, 2013

Baked Buttery Breadcrumb Tilapia: Recipe

Last night I made my new favorite way to Bake Fish.
It's Super simple and the mister gobbles it up.

This recipe works well with really any kind of white fish.
I've used Haddock before, but here I'm using Tilapia.

You Will Need:

In-Edibles: Glass Baking Dish, Aluminum Foil, Spoons, Two small Bowls

Choice of White Fish, I used Frozen Filets of Tilapia (which have been thawed).
Margarine (or Butter if you're feeling daring, about 1/4 of stick or a few Tablespoons worth).
Grated Parmesan Cheese (about a Tablespoon)
Garlic Powder
A Dash of Salt and Pepper
Breadcrumbs, I use Italian Breadcrumbs

1. Preheat your Oven to 400 degrees. Line your glass dish with Aluminum Foil. In one of the bowls, melt your few Tablespoons worth of Margarine in the microwave (this should take less than a minute depending on your microwave settings).

2. Lay your fish filets down onto the foil, sprinkle your fish with garlic powder, salt and pepper. Drizzle the melted margarine on top of your filets.

3. In the second bowl, combine your breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese. I use about a Tablespoon of the Cheese and about 3-4 Tablespoons of Breadcrumbs. Stir. Sprinkle your mixture onto the filets, lightly coating the tops.

4. Place the glass dish in your pre-heated oven at 400 degrees for twenty minutes.

Serve with your favorite choice of side. Last night, I served Spinach Ravoli. Yum!

Feel free to let me know if you tried it. ;)

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Trine-Marie said...

I don't think I've ever made tilapia before. But this looks really good, so I might have to try it :)