Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Old Postcards

It's wild stumbling on to things you made a long time ago.

As of this fall, I have been making mail art for nine years.

I started making handmade postcards and exchanging them through the mail on the defunct Postcardx, then Postcrossing, and then my site with my ex (also gone now). From handmade postcards, I started making artist trading cards which became a large passion of mine.

I decided that I should start using Postcrossing again as I do miss exchanging postcards with strangers. I used to feel like I was traveling all over the world through a pen and some paper and would like that feeling again.

When I logged into my account to make it active again, I noticed some postcards I made a long time ago. Like 6-7 years ago...I thought I would share them with you.

What's so great about this postcard, is that I shot this photograph when I was on a boat in the Chesapeake Bay in high school, I developed this photograph myself and then later made it into this postcard.
I have no idea where the pink ink came from but that's what I love about this.

I made this collage for a user that said they liked Scuba Diving and it was sent off to Jamaica.

I believe this postcard was a sketch the scanned and then colored on.
The feet are so poorly drawn, it's driving me slightly batty but I still think it's a fun card.

My Profile on Postcrossing

What's your take on mail art?
Have you checked out Postcrossing before?

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