Monday, May 13, 2013

Some favorite moments from Survivor Fans vs. Favorites 2

I loved loved loved this season of Survivor.
You see, I've seen every season of survivor except for the first (which I'm getting shortly from Netflix).

...Everyone in my life knows how obsessed I am, I can't wait to watch it every week when it's airing.

There are so many wonderful moments this season and it may be one of my favorites.

The episode where the loved ones showed up. Really emotional.
Jeff Probst cried.
Brenda telling her Dad Raymond she was so proud of him and telling him thank you for making her stay humble.
Cochrane's Mom pretty much just the way I imagined her.
Sherri falling to her knees finding out her son was on the island.
Eddie's Mom saying he's so skinny she'll need to fatten him up when he gets home.
Brenda giving up her reward and Erik making hearts with his hands towards her on shore.
Dawn acting like she belonged in a looney bin.

Malcolm was crazy enough to play two seasons in a row, apparently he only had a few days in between the seasons.
Malcolm's power play move of using two immunity idols in one tribal, thus saving himself, Eddie and Reynold while voting out the powerhouse that was Phillip.
Sorry not sorry, Stealth are us.
This season's player of the game.

What Eddie said he would do with a million dollars, he said bars and dogs are his favorite things so he would open up a dog kennel/play place that also had a bar so you could drink. LOL.
The fact that Eddie seemed so happy to be in the game even when he no longer had allies and congratulated whoever won individual immunity with hugs and kind words.
Eddie thinking he would of won against Cochrane.

A fan turned winner!
The fact that Cochran won and it was very well deserved. I was SOOOO Happy.
I admittedly cringed every time I heard Cochrane's name come up for a vote all season long.
The last time he played he was so timid and called a coward, yet this season he won FOUR individual immunity challenges and REALLY played the game on his own.
He even kept his word to Dawn, which honestly I was kind of shocked about.

Awesome season.
I can't wait for September for Survivor Blood vs. Water.
I have a feeling it's past Survivor's family members's going to be great.

Happy Monday, hope you all have a great week :)


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