Monday, August 19, 2013

A Baseball Weekend: Social Media Works!

This weekend, My husband and I went to two Orioles Baseball games.
The Baltimore Orioles vs. The Colorado Rockies.
We were lucky enough to be season ticket holders this season and didn't use tickets to two of the games so we swapped them out for this past weekend.

What was great about being at Camden Yards this weekend was that MASNorioles (Mid-Atlantic Sports Network) was having a promotion called MASN Social Media Weekend.
On Friday, Saturday and could tweet or instagram to win seat upgrades and autographed "Swag."

....and well I was pretty determined to win.

The very wonderful, Nate McLouth

So Saturday, I tweeted away and instagramed (just created a new verb) photos attempting to win.
The service was terrible on my phone because I'm sure many hundreds of fans were also trying to enter.
Since I seemed slightly disappointed when we didn't win, my husband said "It's okay, we can try again tomorrow."

So we did.
On Sunday, we tried again and I thought if I didn't win it wouldn't be a big deal.
The weather was beautiful out (besides a few rain drizzles) and my husband is the best company.

This is the photo I put up on my Instagram attempting to win some O's Swag.

It was the third inning and all of a sudden two young women in MASN t-shirts came down to our section looking for "Jenn."
"Are you Jenn? Are you Jenn?" They asked the woman seated in front of us.

My husband and I both ecstatic, I yell, "I'm Jenn!"
One of the women proceed to tell us and the rest of our section, "Jenn has just been upgraded because she follows MASNorioles. Here are your tickets behind home plate!"
Our section went a little crazy as if they had won and the women proceeded to pass out t-shirts to some of the kids seated around us.

We then posed for a picture and went off on our way to Section 40.
The best seats we have ever had in Camden Yards.

This picture was posted on @MASNorioles's twitter, I was one of five fans that won.

And I won, just for tweeting to MASN! :)

I'm happy to say you can really win things from Social Media.
Twitter helped give me and my husband awesome seats and a great day at the ballpark.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a lovely week. Cheers!

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