Monday, August 12, 2013

I didn't think my Wedding Cake existed

If you read my blog or know me personally, you know that I was happily married two weeks ago.

Pictured above, is the cake that I selected for the big day.
It was a three tier Buttercream Frosted Cake with Chocolate inside along with hints of Raspberry.
I had my own idea for the flowers on top, but one of the reasons I picked this cake was because of the way it looked with those orange flowers.

The Cake for me and my Spouse, was one of the most exciting things for us during the reception.
We knew that everyone would enjoy it and it would be one of those cakes that everyone would want to eat.

The morning I arrived to our venue to get my dress on and get ready to walk down the aisle,
I had asked our new coordinator (who was mighty clueless, but that's a whole other story) if the cake had arrived.
I had a hunch a few days before that it may not even arrive after this conversation with my Mom:

Mom: "They said the cake is arriving at 4pm."
Me: "On Saturday or Sunday? Our wedding is at 1pm, that's a little ridiculous."
Mom: "I asked ________ if she meant Saturday or Sunday but she didn't give me an answer."
Me: "So we may not even have a cake."
Mom: "Probably."

At this point, I was preparing myself for the cake not showing up.
The new coordinator then tells my mother that she does not see it in the fridge.
After a few large sighs and deep breaths, I text my Groom that I was told that our cake is not there and I have no idea where it is.

Luckily, I then hear a knock on the door and it's our previous Wedding Coordinator (who is AMAZING) and I ask her if she could help figure out what is going on with the Wedding Cake.
She promptly returns saying she not only found it but asking if it had the correct number of tiers... I told her three, two for our guests and the top tier for Jason and I.

I come into the reception area after our photos and being introduced and see this...

At the time, I thought it looked off but paid no attention to it as it's my Wedding Day and I wanted to have a fabulous time with my husband, friends and family.
When it came time to cake cutting, we traditionally sliced the first piece together and then the two tiers were taken into the back where they cut pieces for our guests and brought them back to the cake table.

At this point, my brother and mother both tell me they cut up the little top tier that was suppose to make it's way into our freezer because they didn't have enough cake for our guests.
The sad part, Jason and I each only had one bite of cake... we didn't even get to share a full piece and all the cake was gone.

Upset about whatever was going on with our cake, I asked the old Wedding Coordinator if she could look into it because the new one was doing nothing but hanging out behind the bar.

My mother comes back to tell me she will be contacting the Venue which is also owned by the Catering Company within the next few days to figure out what went wrong.

The catering company's response was surprising.

First, they said well we weren't going to order all three tiers because of the amount of guests you had.
This didn't make any sense because they were paid in full for the amount of meals that were well over the number of guests for two tiers. Had I known they basically were going to give basically us a different cake without my knowledge, We wouldn't have picked that one.

Second, They claimed they would make it up to us.
I told my mom they should refund her part of the cost if that was possible.
They decided they would send us two cakes. The first cake immediately, for Jason and I to enjoy. The Second cake is scheduled to be sent on the week of our anniversary next summer.
Here is the cake we received the other day:

We had some good laughs over the "Happy Anniversary" written on the top.
The cake is just as good as I remember it tasting.
My Mom called the Cake "...The Happy Two weeks Cake. Happy Saturday Cake. Happy Sun is Shining Cake."

I'm glad the situation worked itself out and that we had a cake in the first place.
Brides, keep calm if something isn't right and it will end up being able to be fixed somehow.

Happy Monday everyone, I hope their is some cake in your lives.

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Lolli K said...

Choosing a wedding cake is soo hard, there are so many to consider! I am planning my wedding at the moment, so stressful!

Lorraine xx