Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I Wish I Could Tell my 19 Year Old Self.

With back to school here and around the corner for many students,
I can't help but to think back to what it was like during my freshmen year of college.

This blog post is sure to be silly with some photos of myself that I cringe while looking at.
Here is a list of some of the things I wish I could of told my 19 year old self.

On my Grades:

I was totally that girl who called her parents up to complain how disappointed she was when she got a B.
My parents would always laugh and remind me that there were lots of worse grades I could receive.
I'm extremely lucky to have such a laid back mother who let me read whatever I wanted at a young age and pursue interesting hobbies.

Continuing on...

On my first day of Art School, one of the professors in this awful lectures we were forced to go to every week as foundation (or freshmen) art students there was this long rant about how grades worked in art school.

I distinctly remember him saying "You will get C's if you're average and most of you will get C's, not A's because that is what you will earn. You're average. You won't be the best artist here." Ouch.

Advice to my 19 year old self: Contrary to what they are telling you here, don't freak out if you don't get an A. You'll still get into graduate school and art is highly subjective anyway!
You don't need to spent 40+ hours on every project outside of class because that's absurd and overkill during your freshmen year.
Remember you're in college and you're suppose to have a social life.

On Handling Roommates:

Posting images like these to myspace (yes, myspace) at the time may have not been the best idea.

Back story here: One of my roommates freshmen year should of walked around waving a flag that read "I am crazy" at all times.
She lied all the time, met weirdos off the internet and would go "hang out" at their apartments and went swimming at night in a river while drunk. She also thought she was going to turn into a Vampire. Just to name a few of her favorite hobbies.

Anyway, another roommate and I posted this image on my myspace blog (or bulletin?) for our friends to guess what substance our roommate left all over our bathtub/shower after we had just finished cleaning it, twenty comments later our other roommate was obviously a little ticked off. She later moved out (not over this) and we became very civil to one another.

Advice to my 19 year old self: Don't air your problems with someone else out publicly over the internet. No one wins.
You just look like a jerk and you'll make other people uncomfortable.

On Dying my Hair:

When I was 14, my Mom let me get some highlights dyed in my hair. In high school, I dyed my hair all kinds of colors.
Many of my crazy dye jobs were total disasters... and the same goes for this look I sported when I was 19.

Everything about this photo is incredibly awkward...
my neon pink/black makeup combo, I look like I'm missing a tooth and the random blue metallic fuzzy earmuffs on my head.

Yes, neon orange hair. Neon Orange Hair.
What in the world was I thinking?

You're probably looking at this photo going, "it's not that bright"...or "it's not that bad."
It really was, see what it looks like with an orange shirt...

I am cringing right now.

Of course when the orange faded, I naturally bleached it again and dyed it with Bluish Purple Streaks.
Even my crazy Russian Figure Drawing professor said in his thick Russian accent "Jennifer, purple isn't natural."

This is the only picture I could find of it which is probably a good thing.

After the purple eventually faded out and my hair was left looking fried, I had it professionally dyed blonde until sophomore year when I had it dyed a rich chocolate brown.

Advice to my 19 year old self: Don't dye your hair orange, no matter how good of a color the dye looks in the jar.
This color will not be for you.
Remember you're too pale to sport anything neon ever.

Face Palm.

Other things I wish I could of told my 19 year old self:
1. Don't walk through alleys while trying to shorten your trip to class/the store/a party, you'll meet the creepiest people ever.
2. Avoid drinking any liquid that comes in 40oz. bottles.
3. Avoid eye contact at the laundrymat. You'll immediately get asked for money.
4. Stop making your bed, this way your roommate and her creepy friend will stop sleeping in it and using your pillows.
5. Don't yell at the guy drumming on buckets outside your window to make some money, he'll start coming around more playing all day and night.
6. There is more things to eat in the Dining hall besides salad, soy milk with cheerios and Sushi. Remember when you found out Fajita Friday existed? Best Day ever.
7. Frat parties are lame as were most themed parties, you could find better things to do with your Friday night.
8. It's a dumb idea to hang out at clubs where fights are common along with people getting robbed.
9. You should of taken down your roommates christmas lights, they didn't need to be on 24 hours a day inside our dorm.
10. You should of explored more Vegan Restaurant options in the city sooner.
11. Don't let your roommate walk around barefoot in a park known for syringes in the grass.
12. Do laundry more often. Why wait until you have no more clean clothes to wear?!
13. There really is no point to getting your belly button pierced.

Hope you found some sort of amusement in this post,
What do you wish you told your 19 year old self?

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LOL....You survived and your terrific!!!!