Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Things to Not Ask a Pregnant Woman

Thanks, Ryan Gosling.

Okay, so at 30 weeks pregnant...
I'm really over those questions that people who don't know you well ask you about your pregnancy.

It's a reminder that many people have no filter when it comes to their curiosities.

Anyway, I've been thinking about all the things that you shouldn't ask a pregnant woman who isn't your friend/or any close relation to you and compiled my list thus far. Here goes nothing...

1. "Was the baby planned?"
That's clearly not something polite to say but for some reason, I've been awkwardly asked this question numerous times by people who aren't close to me.
A Simple, "Congratulations on your pregnancy!" will suit you better.

2. "How much weight have you gained?" and along with that, "Do your clothes actually fit you still?"
Is that really your business? If you're not a doctor, don't be concerned with someone else's weight.

3. "Have you been vomiting?"
Why on earth would anyone want to know if I have been tossing my cookies?
That's not a conversation I just want to start out of the blue, thanks.

4. "How much have you spent on ___________, ______________, and ___________ ?"
It's incredibly tacky to ask someone how much they've spent on baby stuff so far, especially considering many moms already have an idea on what everything costs.

5. "How far along are you? Oh, when I was was that far along my stomach wasn't showing."
Women are really great at body shaming other women when it comes to pregnancy, every woman has a different body type and many start showing at different parts of their pregnancy.
My stomach popped at 7 months, before then my co-workers didn't believe I was pregnant.

Stating side comments like "Oh, you're ___ many weeks, you must feel like a cow." is not a self-esteem booster by any means.

6. "Are you going to have a natural birth?" and "Do you have your birth plan already?"
While these questions may seem harmless, it's always followed by over-shared opinions.

7. "So what are you going to name the baby?"
If it's not being advertised, you'll have to wait to find out like everyone else. Respect privacy.
If for some reason a pregnant woman tells you the name don't disrespect her by telling her how much you hate the name she has chosen.

8. "What types of food are you craving?"
This question can be cute and start nice harmless conversations but asking this over and over again is obnoxious.
For your own reference, I'm craving spicy things, Mexican Food, and Fizzy Drinks.

9. "Are you suppose to be eating that?"
If you're not a doctor, or specifically her doctor then please don't be concerned with her diet.

10. "When are you having the next baby?"
Uh... really?

It's crazy how many women over share when it comes to talking about Pregnancy in general.

I felt extremely awkward when a woman I had never met before (that was cutting my hair) told me about all her nausea when she was pregnant and about how her body changed so much. The details were graphic, I'll spare you.

I felt uncomfortable when a woman told me about a previous still born birth but then claimed it wouldn't happen to me.

My advice is if you're curious about a woman's pregnancy, trend softly if you don't know her that well.

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