Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jewish Sunday School Craft: Creation Cards

I spent a lot of time thinking of a Shabbat related craft for my 2nd grade Sunday school class for tomorrow

...and since I spent even more time making my examples, I thought I would share my creation.

In the textbook we use (My Jewish Year), The Seven days of Creation are described as:
•Day One: God created Light.
•Day Two: God created the Sky.
•Day Three: God made the land and the sea.
•Day Four: God created the Sun, moon and the stars.
•Day Five: God made the fish that swim and the birds that fly.
•Day Six: God created all the animals and man and woman.
•On the Day Seven, God rested. God blessed the seventh day and it made it holy.
The Seventh day is Shabbat, the day of rest.

Craft project: Creation Cards

Show Students Example and discuss each day of Creation.

Materials needed: Construction paper, Scissors, Glue, Markers/Crayons, and Pencils

Students will make collages of each day of Creation.
They can work individually or with a partner.

Step 1: Each Student will need seven pieces of paper 4.5” x 6” inches each for their card backgrounds (one piece of paper for each day).
--They can do this step quickly by folding a piece of construction paper (9” x 12”) into four sections and then cutting them into four separate pieces. They will need two pieces of construction paper to make backgrounds.

Step 2: Have students brainstorm images to use for each day.
What types of images can they use to represent light/Shabbat/etc.?
What types of animals do they want to make?

Encourage students to use the construction paper to make images by collaging and drawing freely.

Step 3: Let students work individually on their art.
Help students that may have trouble with brainstorming/cutting/creating.

Here are my examples for the class:
(Images can be clicked on to make larger)

1. Light, 2. The Sky

3. The Land and Sea, 4. The Sun, Moon and Stars

5. Fish in the Sea and Birds in the Sky, 6. Animals, Man and Woman

7. The Day of Rest for all, Shabbat.

I really think this will be a fun way for my students to reference the idea of Creation.
Let me know if you use this idea!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to use the comment function or tweet me ;)

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