Sunday, January 5, 2014

7 Things I'm surprised by in my First Pregnancy

Almost Seven months pregnant vs. 35 weeks.

Today, I am officially Thirty-seven weeks Pregnant. Wowza.

I'm at the point where I'm really excited to meet our little Baby M
...I mean I was already really excited, now I'm just having trouble waiting.

There have been so many things going on with my first pregnancy that have surprised me, I thought I would share them.

1. How much my maternal instincts have kicked in already.
This is the thing that has surprised me the most. I'm constantly thinking about all things to keep my unborn baby safe and hopefully happy. I partially attribute this to being in two car accidents (where I wasn't at fault) in November and December. I've never been so scared in my life, mainly because all I could think about was if Baby M was okay as I was on my way to the hospital after the second accident.

Luckily, this little guy is a warrior.

2. I guess in the beginning, I didn't realize how much I would feel him move around.
Baby M is one is little hyperactive boy. The first time I felt him move I was around 13-14 weeks pregnant and we were at an Orioles baseball game. I remember grabbing to feel my stomach thinking "what in the world is going on?"

This kid kicks, punches, dances and moves around all the time. It seems like he can't sit still, like his father.
We've had fun so far guessing if he'll like playing sports and if so...what kind?

3. Those Pregnancy Cravings which I didn't think they were real.
I've been craving spicy things and I've really wanted Guacamole, Mexican Food and sour/tart things like lemons, oranges and Grapefruit juice. Now, I love all of those things without my pregnancy but I seriously had a distaste for grapefruits before my pregnancy. It's almost as if my tastebuds changed.

4. How much my feet would hurt (and still hurt).
At this stage of my pregnancy, I am still working full time at both my full time and my part time teaching jobs. I'll face it, I'm a little bit crazy for that one. However, keeping active at work has kept my mind and body engaged. I'm lucky enough to have a very sweet husband who rubs my feet before I go to bed.

5. How emotional I become over the little things, thanks pregnancy hormones.
I got super emotional when I came home to find Baby M's sheets in his crib. In that moment, it's like I almost saw him in there sleeping away.

In more ridiculous situations, I've also got emotional over fatigue, my dry skin and the weather.

6. How much people try to touch the Baby Bump.
This one throws me off pretty much every time. I'm not against people touching my stomach, I just wish they would ask first. Sometimes, I assume Baby M is tired and just wants to be left alone.

7. How excited my husband and I get when going to the doctor.
Even though many of the things are unpleasant and I get anxiety every time we arrive in the office, there is just something about hearing his little heartbeat that makes us both smile and smile.

Baby M, I can't wait to meet you.
In just a short amount of time, we will be spending lots of time together.

Moms, is there anything that surprised you in your pregnancy experience(s)?

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Unknown said...

Apple Juice and Oreo Cookie ice cream. I couldn't get enough and now I dislike both. Braking my first bone and fainting for the first time...oh the joys of pregnancy!