Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Not a Quitter (Sketchbook Pages)

Media: Colored Pencil, Gesso, Construction Paper, Watercolor, Marker

At 39 weeks pregnant, I have a massive cold and it's currently snowing outside.
I have patiently been awaiting the arrival of Baby M.

Right around New Years Eve, I remembered that I had not been working on my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project
...it seems as if time (or my pregnancy fatigue) just got the better of me and slipped away.

I was really stressed on the fact that I didn't finish my book.
I previously participated in two of the projects, the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project in 2012 and the 2013 Sketchbook Project.

While I think the project is a bit expensive to participate in, I love the idea of challenging myself to fill a sketchbook for a stranger to view.

The project becomes one big experiment for me, I just try to render any of my first thoughts when I open the book to a new spread of pages.

I spill paint.
I cut things out.
I push around graphite.
I find a way to use that random magazine clipping.
I smear gesso to make the surface take more abuse.

Most importantly, I don't get myself any expectations. I just make.

Media: Construction Paper, Markers, Colored Pencil, Found Images, Piece of Old Retail Sticker

Here is the cover of my sketchbook from the 2014 project, that I have decided to not send in.

At first when I made the decision to keep my unfinished book, I felt like I was throwing in the towel.
However, my sweet husband convinced me that I deserve to keep my hard work and not to rush finishing something that can be so personal as a sketchbook.

I'm not a quitter because I plan to finish this sketchbook, my sketchbook, on my own time.

Here is the most recent image that I completed on Sunday:

Media: Gesso, Colored Pencils, Washable Markers, Graphite, Construction Paper, Watercolor

I've currently been inspired by an image of beetles as you can see in the above works, let's see where that takes me.

I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day, stay warm where you are and make something!

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jess buckley said...

this is so fun! I really need to get back into my art groove. Love that you're keeping the book instead of sending it in. You'll have a keepsake forever!

and wow, congrats on 39 weeks! Hope the baby arrives safe and sound!

Much Love