Sunday, January 12, 2014

Six Perks of Teaching Four Year Olds

For those that don't know this yet, I really love my job.
I'm an assistant Pre-K and after school Teacher and every day offers new challenges.
This week, I thought of a few perks to my job and I thought I would share them with you, so here goes nothing:

Six Perks of Teaching Four Year Olds

1. There are always lots of hugs.
Always. There are always little hands/arms grabbing around your waist or legs to show affection, tell you hello or followed along with lines like this:

"Huggies, Huggies, Hugs!!!"
"Ms. Jenn, I didn't get enough hugs today."
"Ms. Jenn, I MISSED YOU!"

How can you not have a good day when you're constantly receiving hugs from cute kids who are super happy to see you?!

2. They love giving you compliments. Seriously.
I get compliments from my students all week long such as:

"I really really really like your nail polish."
"Ms. Jenn! I really like your hair and your dress...and your shoes... and your earrings!"
"You know what? You really use scissors good."
"That's a really pretty dress, my mom has one like that too!"

Positive reinforcement, all the time!

3. They're total dreamers.
As far as picking out life goals, they are constantly shooting for the stars. Like this conversation:

Me: "What do you want to be when you grow up?"
Little Girl: "A doctor so I can give people socks."
Me: "You want to be a doctor so you can give people socks? I don't know any doctors that give people socks."
Little Girl: "No shots! I want to give people shots."
Me: "Why?"
Little Girl: "So they can feel better!"

4. These kids are fearless.
It's refreshing at that age to see their own can do attitudes. Even though they are barely reading they're constantly having conversations like this with me:

A: "Ms. Jenn, I can't wait to start taking my driving lessons."
Me: "Oh, A those won't happen till a long time for now."
A: "What's a long time? Two years?"
Me: "Try twelve more years."
A: "Awwww man! That is a long time."

5. They say the funniest things.

One kid recently said to another: "Whoa, I totally feel my blood pressure going up."
I then had to explain to a group of them what blood pressure is and how it's measured (with a fisher price toy).

Another recent gem:
K: "Yay Ms. Jenn! You're having a baby soon and then you can get married and live happily ever after."
Me: Showing her my rings. "See I am already married."
K: "Ohhhhh. Ohhhhkay."

L: "Ms. Jenn, I just wanted to tell you I'm feeling totally out of control today."

While working on the letter W:
Me: Pointing to a picture of a worm. "What is this animal? It starts with a W sound."
G: "A Snake!!"

They are a constant reminder to not take life so seriously.

6. They love any occasion to celebrate.
They get excited over every holiday (even minor ones) and endless birthdays.

This is followed along with an abundance of decorations and all of junk food within the classroom.
Last week, there were glitter cupcakes. Yes, GLITTER CUPCAKES. They were absolutely delicious.

That's all for now, I plan on sharing more fantastic quotes from my students throughout the year.
Have an awesome week everyone!

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