Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What it feels like to be past my Due Date

It’s a super strange feeling to be past that 40 weeks pregnant mark.

If you had asked me in the beginning of my pregnancy, if I would still be pregnant at this point…
I probably would have laughed at you.

I would have told you “Oh, I’ll probably deliver early.”
…Because clearly, I’m delusional.

So what is my pregnancy like past my due date?
Let me tell you:

I feel like I’m going to fall forward most of the time.
I've told Jason I feel like a rolly-poly or some sort of weeble wobble toy.
I lose my balance super easily

I’m highly oversensitive at this rate.
I'll pretty much cry about anything and then want to cry over the fact that I cried about something so small.
It's kinda funny actually, but don't expect me to admit that other than this blog post

Every Part of my Body Aches.
My feet are swollen.
My back hurts.
I can never find a comfortable sleeping position at this point.
I have been sick for over a week and actually do not have a voice at all...I have been having to text my husband to communicate with him.

It feels like this kid is swinging on/kicking away at my ribs thinking they are some sort of jungle gym

I have an irrational fear of my water breaking at the most inappropriate moments.
Because I've been so sick I haven't really gone much of anywhere but for some reason I've envisioned my water breaking in every public place imaginable.

Maybe we should just take him to the busiest restaurant we can find and get it over with? ;)

I’m convinced I’m going to give birth to a record breaking sized baby boy at this rate.
I actually haven't gained any weight in weeks but for all I know, this baby could be a the size of Bigfoot at this rate or maybe a small Beluga whale, we shall see.

I’m playing the “what if” game that something may go wrong or something completely out of the ordinary may happen.
I had no idea babies could have green scales, wow Baby...you sure are something.

It’s awkward putting on clothes.
I totally use to think the whole not being able to reach your feet thing was a myth and while I can still reach my feet (barely), I can't put on my own socks and shoes for the life of me.
My husband has been putting on my snow boots for me and helping me take them off.

I’m incredibly impatient with my body.
To be completely honest (and all jokes aside), I sort of feel like my body is crapping out on me.

I am more than likely going to be induced after we talked to the doctor yesterday.
I am very nervous about the whole process.

After all these things, I'm still so excited to be meeting my baby boy, hopefully by the end of this week!
Pretty please with sugar on top little guy?!

Mommas, did you deliver on time? Early? Late?
Did you have any irrational pregnancy fears?

Glossy Blonde

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Catherine said...

Eloise arrived one day early but those due dates are just shooting in the dark. How they are calculated is legit but my friend told me early in my pregnancy "Just don't even talk about a date, Just say she will be born in April"

It's a mental game. Your body know what to do. Your baby does too. And however your little wonderful guy comes into the world it only matters that he is healthy.

Give yourself grace. Lots of grace. You can do this. You are one tough mother.

P.S. I totally remember not being able to take my shoes on and off! Zach totally had to help me. Embrace it. I also felt betrayed by my body, I didn't understand how it reacted, how it felt but hey this can be the stuff of great Art.

Write down how all of it feels. Think of your thesis, your pieces and how connected to the body they were (or it seemed that why when I viewed them :))

Praying for a safe (and SOON) delivery for you!