Thursday, February 20, 2014

Irrational Fears

Do you have any irrational fears?

I do. I'm not entirely sure where they came from but I've had many of these for years.

(I know this girl above looks totally fearless)

So here goes, a list of some my own Irrational Fears...

The strangest: That I'll scratch through my skin/scalp in my sleep.
I have incredibly dry skin and for years, I'll wake up with scabs on my legs from scratching so hard while I have been asleep. I've tried everything to not do this (including wearing mittens/socks on my hands when I go to bed) but nothing has ever really worked. It's the worse in the summer. I think my whole fear of scratching through my skin or scalp happened because my ex sent me an article about a woman who picked into her brain and he made a statement like "See, this is totally going to happen to you." I've never picked at my scalp and part of me thinks this story was totally bogus, but I've had this fear now for five years and it's absolutely absurd. I am not going to tear into my skin like a rabid animal tearing into skin.

That I'll bite into a strawberry and find a worm inside.
I like to blame elementary school for this one, maybe it had something to do with those Smiling Worm inside an apple stickers. I've never actually had this happen, I've luckily never found anything inside a strawberry. I think if anything this fear helps me clean my strawberries better and I always cut them in half (at least) before eating. The fruit I eat is always as clean as I can get it to be thanks to this fear.

That I may be struck by Lightning.
I realize this is another odd, irrational fear because it's not like I jump outside in any thunderstorm. I think this fear may have rationalized in my head when I lived in Kansas and watched the storms from my patio. When I checked the statistics somewhere for my state (Maryland), it's estimated that "1 in 5,828,289" are struck by lightning. That's a one in 5,828,289 shot.

Someone will make money off my art while claiming it's their artwork.
I have legal copyrights on some of my artwork. However, I've found my art floating around on the internet before with someone else's name on it. It's not flattering when someone steals your work. It is just as bad as copying pages out of a book or copying a piece of music and claiming it's yours. The thought of someone making money off of something I put all of myself into scares me even more than just stealing.

More Irrational Fears to follow... I would love to know some of your fears (whether they're irrational or not)...

Happy Thursday!

The Grits Blog


The Grits Blog said...

What?! Stealing your art?! That's horrible - I hope they either took it down or gave proper credit. Jerks!

Anyways, please don't scratch through your scalp - I rather enjoy reading your blog.

Hima Rajana said...

I agree with the art stealing! I've found my photos used on other websites without the watermark and it angers me so much! I'm so sorry you've had to deal with that- it's a perfectly rational fear!

Thanks for linking up with us at the little Friday link-up!
xo, Hima
Hima Hearts

Kendwy Valdez said...

Maybe I'm just as irrational as you, because some of these don't seem irrational at all!
I wash my fruits just as much, for different reasons, but yeah-freaked out by dirty fruit over here.
Try wearing Vaseline. When you scratch, your fingers will slide right off :)
Scared of someone profiting off of your art? Not irrational at all! That would make me so mad! I'm so with you on that! Here's to hoping no one ever does that!