Sunday, February 9, 2014

Meet Baby M


7 pounds, 10 oz.
21 inches long.
Born February 3rd, 2014 at 9:17pm.

Meet Miles, my sweet, almost one week old, son.

In your first week of life, you've done nothing but bring a smile to my face.
I have focused on your animated facial expressions rather than the pain from my emergency c-section.

You already have many cute/interesting quirks, Miles.
Here are ten.

1. You raise your arms above your head while you sleep
...including one fist pump in the air that reminds me of Radio Raheem (in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing).

2. You get the hiccups really easily, but they don't seem to bother you.

3. You enjoy peeing when getting changed.'ve launched urine off the changing table, towards your dad, towards your face and even towards our clean dishes in the kitchen.

4. You're completely fascinated by your hands.
Your first nickname was/is Kitten Mittens. You'll be smitten.
After putting on mittens so you didn't scratch your face, you took them both off in less than a minute and gave us a stare like "Try again Mom and Dad, I dare ya!"

5. You still enjoy lots of noise like you did when you were in my womb.
The TV, car rides and my loud breast pump soothe you. You bop your head to any beat you can.

6. You love being swaddled but prefer to have one hand/arm sticking out of the blanket.

7. You make little squeaky grunting noises like a puppy when you're falling asleep.

8. The first toy you held was a very Hungry Caterpillar Rattle.
I can tell the first thought you had was "Can I put this in my mouth, Mom?"

9. You're in love with your boppy pillow.
Luckily for you, Miles, you have two!

10. You're always trying to shove your hand in your mouth.
Miles, I promise you your mouth is too small for your whole hand.

Say Hello to the Blogosphere, Miles. You've made your debut.


Tanya Payne said...

Welcome to earth baby Miles, you're mom obviously loves you very much, and that makes you a lucky young man! Good luck, love hard and smile even when you aren't in the mood and remember, every little thing is gonna be alright. :)

Areeba said...

Hello Miles, you're just so cute baby boy! Welcome here :) And you have a lovely nickname!

Ember Grey. said...

SO sweet! Congratulations! :)