Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Mom Wins at Throwback Thursday

A few months ago, my mom posted a picture on facebook announcing it was time for Throwback Thursday.

It was a picture from high school with a bunch of her girlfriends at the beach with one of them holding a giant cooler as if they were going to have some sort of wild party. The comments that followed were great, many of her high school friends reconnected with each other on her post.

You see, my mom has LOTS of facebook friends yet for some reason I was surprised that she knew about the whole "Throwback Thursday" internet trend.

Me: "Mom you know that's an instagram thing, right?"
Mom: "No. I don't have that. I make my own rules."
*followed by laughs from the two of us*

She hadn't posted any Throwback Thursday posts since that conversation.
However, On the 3rd, the day I was induced (or really had my c-section) with Miles...
She was in the room with my husband and I talking about how she found so many perfect photos to scan for her Throwback Thursday posts.

Oddly enough, I knew she was talking about the photo above before the words even came out of her mouth.

This photo is one of my favorite photos from my childhood.
It's 1991. I am five years old.
My mom is a deputy sheriff for a living.
She's barely 100 pounds and five feet nothing and she's a total badass.
She styled my hair like this almost everyday and teased her bangs.
I am wearing two watches and holding a book
...and she's rocking a banana keychain, mace and a gun on her belt.

Happy Throwback Thursday, Thanks Mom for the laughs as always!

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Ember Grey. said...

This is so awesome. Your mom IS a total B.A.! (as my mom and I always say) :)

The Grits Blog said...

I really love posts like this! It's so cool to have memories from "back in tha day". Your hair was so cute!! And I agree - your looks like a total BAD ASS!

Kendwy Valdez said...

Hands down your mom wins!
She is definitely a badass! I can only aspire to so much badass-ism