Monday, February 24, 2014

Things I Wish I Knew (part one)

Happy Three Weeks, Miles.

I feel like I have a never ending list going on in my brain of things I wish I knew. Some of these things are practical, while others are just absurd or exciting. I always wonder if I should be writing them down because they probably would provide someone out there in the great abyss some sort of entertainment. So here goes this blog post:

Things I Wish I Knew

(part one)

•On the topic of SpongeBob Square Pants: How has SpongeBob’s Pineapple house not become rotten yet? How did Mr. Krabs have a whale for a daughter? SpongeBob completely boggles my mind even though it’s a cartoon. If you’re wondering, the Imagination episode is my favorite.

•When Miles is asleep, he throws his arms up in the air and makes fists. It’s the most fascinating thing to watch…but really Miles, I just want to know “What are you dreaming about?”

•If I ended up going to college for Political Science, if I actually would of taken a job in Politics.

What is it about Vanilla Coke Zero that makes it so I can't stay away from drinking it? Is it the Vanilla favoring or a magical fairy dust that says, “Drink. Drink. Drink.

Whatever happened to daytime TV? There is a show called “The Test” which is apparently about DNA tests. Isn’t that already the Maury show?

What it would be like for me to physically backpack around and through Europe. Probably not possible anytime soon with the lack of funds, a young child and a hubby that’s never been on a plane. ;)

What is something you wish you knew?

Please share!


Karen said...

Hey Jen! Im coming over from Noors Blog Hop :) its so great to meet new bloggers..Im with you on the visiting south america. My family is from argentina and ive always said that before i get married i want to live 1 full year in argentina! my little blog is

Corinne said...

I wish I knew why Dumbledore was always so vague with Harry Potter - like, he could have saved him a whole lot of time and lives by telling him more information rather than trying to make him figure it out on his own and being all 'mysterious'. I hate things that waste my time and if I was Harry I would be so cross at Dumbledore!

Corinne x