Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Standard Sunday

Can you believe this guy turns six weeks tomorrow?

Where has the time gone?!

He starts "school" tomorrow with me and he's so excited. He cannot wait to make new friends and play with all the fun stuff in his classroom. It's bittersweet for me, it's crazy how fast he's growing and he can't even walk and talk yet. Meanwhile, I go back to spending the majority of my days having a blast with my favorite four year olds. Baby M will be down the hall, in great care.

So far this little guy has spent his Sunday attempting to eat his body weight at every feeding, watching College Basketball (he's a little sad that VCU lost) and hanging out on his own personal Jungle gym (also known as Daddy's lap).


...The rest of our Sunday thus far?

My husband and I are discussing how badly we want to take a trip to the Winchester House. I've been obsessed with that place since I first read about it in college and my husband is down for anything Haunted. Did you know they have Friday the 13th Flashlight tours?! Creepy.

Tonight we are excited for the Walking Dead. My tweet during last weeks show..."What is even going on right now?!?!" which I think will float into tonights episode.

We're starting to celebrate my husband's birthday. Tomorrow is not only St.Patrick's Day at this house. :)

How's your Sunday going?

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