Friday, March 28, 2014

Appreciation & Four Year Old Quotes

Today, I came home and decided that I wanted to blog.
Truth be told, I miss blogging when I'm too sleep deprived busy.

I usually have a million things on my mind and blogging is a tool I use to organize some of those thoughts as well as something entertaining to look back on.

So what do I want to share on my blog today?


Today, one of my Pre-k student's Mom told me how much she appreciated me and all the things I do for her child.

It hit me out of nowhere because I wasn't expecting that conversation. Here I am rattling all the important bits and pieces of his day and she hugs me and tells me I'm always doing so much. She mentioned she thought I came back to work too early post-baby but how glad she is that I am back because she knows how much her child needs me. When my days become rough, I will remind myself of this moment.


...And of course more quotes to brighten up your day from my four year olds:

Student: "Ms. Jenn, I want to be like you!"
Me: "I don't know, I'm pretty old."
Student: "I don't think you're old, I think you're young and plain."
Me: "Plain?"
Student: "Yeah! It's good to be plain."

Me: "Please stop doing that, _____."
Student: "No thank you!"
Me: "Who taught you to say that? Did I teach you that?"
Student: "Yes, you did!"
Me: "Really? I taught you that. I'm an enabler."
Student: "Yes, Ms. Jenn you taught me...No thank you! No thank you!"

They're too funny.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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