Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Back to Work and Quotes from Four Year Olds about Pregnancy

(This picture really has nothing to do with this post, I just love this picture of Baby M).

Hello 4:00 am, we meet again.

Being a Mother has put me on the weirdest sleep schedule and it's become a REAL schedule already. Besides my constant need to get up at strange hours to tend to my little guy and his ever-growing food supply, I now have to double check I packed everything for him and I that we could possibly need for school.

How was M's first day of school? He rocked away in swings and was cuddled by all by coworkers.

How was my first day back in the classroom?
There was a bag full of Chocolate and Valentine's from my Kiddos.
There were lots of hugs.
Lots of comments about how cute Baby M is and of course my students wanted to see pictures non stop.
Shamrocks were colored in, watercolor stained the tabletops.
Checking in on Baby M to see that he was either being cuddled or sleeping.

...And of course this post wouldn't be complete without some of my favorite things my four year olds said:

Student: "Ms. Jenn! Ms. Jenn! Ms. Jenn! Did you know I missed you so much?!?! I missed you so so much. I missed you so much that I wanted to cry but I didn't. Can I play with your baby?! I can't wait to have a baby one day."

Student 1: "Ms. Jenn, the baby is no longer in your stomach right?"
Me: "No, he's down the hall with ______."
Student 1: "Oh yeah, your stomach looks flat."
Student 2: "I don't know, it still looks like there is a little bit of baby in there."

Student: "I remember you, your name is Ms. Jenn."
Me: "I'm glad to hear that you remember me!"
Student: "Did you have a baby...How did it come out of you?"
Me: "It was a miracle."
Student: "But how?!?"
Me: "You can ask your parents that one."

I'm super happy to be back at work and that Baby M is down the hall whenever I want to go visit.


jess buckley said...

Haha, I love the 4-year-old mind. So funny and they don't even realize! The little boy I nanny will be 4 soon, and he is the most hilarious person I've ever met.

I cracked up at the "you can ask your parents" part! Hahaha.

Ellie said...

Haha too cute! Dodging the "Where does babies come from" question- good idea ;)