Saturday, March 29, 2014

Card and Art Making with Miley

This time last week, I was working on a birthday card with Miley for my brother...

Miley has yet to take any handprints successfully so I decided to trace his hands and make cut outs to use instead.
These are made from my Miley's left hand at 5 weeks old.

Besides the cut outs, the card featured a message from Miley to his Uncle and some more tracing of his hand in ink.

My Brother called it the "Best card ever."

Besides making cards with me, Miley has gotten into drawing...

He's really good at gripping things so Dad picked him out some colors and I gave him some markers to doodle and voila! This happened...

Miley's first drawing ever, at seven weeks old.

...We're excited to see what he makes next.

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