Sunday, March 9, 2014

Don't Tell Other Moms How to Parent

Being a new Mother is a wonderful gift and I truly cherish my Son. However, sometimes things other Moms say to other new parents really tick me off.

...And let's not forget this blog is called Thoughts, Rants and Art for a reason.

Awww here it goes...

At Miles' last doctor appointment I talked to his amazing Doctor about the thought of supplementing formula when I go back to work. Our Doctor fully supported my decision and gave me advice on how to go about doing such a thing if I decide to go forward with it. Although, I'm sure there are a group of mom bloggers/forum posters out there that would frown upon this personal decision. Do I care? No. Why? Because it's my decision as a Mother and it won't hurt my child.

Miles' Doctor joked that "feeding your child formula or breastmilk won't be the ultimate decision that gets him into Harvard University and don't let anyone tell you otherwise."

Every parent is entitled to make their own parenting decisions when they're of sound mind.

I'm just sick of the unsolicited advice/judgemental questions/comments.

"Are you sure you're holding him enough?"
"You're holding him too much."
"You take him out too much."
"Are you sure you're taking him out enough?"
"Is he getting enough food? Maybe you should do this or this."
"Hmmmm are you sure those boppy pillows are safe?"
"He just doesn't seem happy, maybe you should do something differently."
"Are you sure he's happy?"
"Why did you dress him in that?"
"I wouldn't hold him like that, maybe you should do this."
"I wouldn't of done that to my child."
"Really daycare? I would never do that with my kid."

...This list really could go on and on.

I just need to learn to tune all these comments out, but the comment of "You're not holding him enough" really struck the wrong chord at the time. As a Mother, I am doing the best that I possibly can.

Parents, just chill out with the unsolicited comments. They aren't helpful.

This is Jenn,

Signing Off Now.


Lynsey @ Eternally Wanderlyn said...

I think that you make so many great points in this post! I don't have children, but I've witnessed this over and over again with my friends and family. Frankly, everyone has a different parenting style and other people (parents or not) should be respectful of that. :)

Ember Grey. said...

Well if he isn't just the cutest thing!!! I'm not a mom to a human yet but my mom has always told me- "You will be the mom and only you will know what's best for your child and family." Hang in there - he seems quite happy with you as his momma!

The Grits Blog said...

MMMk wanna see me fly off the handle, try and tell me how take care of my dog. GIRL I can't even imagine if it was my kid. Lord help me because I know my MIL will probably be a disaster.