Monday, March 10, 2014

Roaches, Repairs and My Sketchbook

This morning didn't go as I planned...

... And I should of known that would happen.

I woke up, tended to Miles and set out to get an oil change for my car. As soon as I put the key in the ignition, nothing happened, my car just wouldn't start.

I called AAA and they were wonderful and quickly a truck came out to our place. The man was kind enough to test my battery and alternator and told me my battery had hardly any life was then that I started calling around town/the county to find somewhere to take my vehicle immediately. Some of the places I called were extremely rude but then I tracked down a place that had the type of battery my car needed.

It's not in a good area.

The staff was not friendly, apparently saying "Hi, How are you?" at the front desk was bothersome to the man behind the counter.

It smelled of gasoline and body odor.

But worst of all, I sat there for three and a half hours watching roaches crawl all over the floor and mice skid across the room several times after being told my car was leaking oil.


So while I didn't have an ideal morning so to speak... I did have time to spend with my baby boy when I got home and I did do something in my sketchbook. I did receive a big hug and smile from my husband before he left for work. Lastly, my car is now drivable.

...and those things I am grateful for.

*Media in sketchbook pages above: Daniel Smith Watercolors, Gesso, Salt, Graphite, Construction Paper, Found Magazine Images

Ember Grey.


Ember Grey. said...

Oh my gosh- the roaches!! You poor thing- that morning sounds like quite a Case of the Mondays. So glad your day shaped up though, and that you have beautiful, happy people to come home to :) That's the best ending to ANY day. (And your sketches? Amazing. Do you sell any of them?! I love the ones you posted in this post- so dreamy!)

The Grits Blog said...

I would have died.


I do NOT do roaches or mice. OMG my skin is crawling just thinking about it. AT LEAST you were able to find the good out of the situation!