Wednesday, April 2, 2014

First Artistic Moments

I was recently asked "When did you realize you loved art?" at Life With A Side of Coffee in this interview here.

...And to be honest it inspired this post.

(Crayon Drawing gifted to me by one of my four-year-old students)

I answered Christine by saying, "I actually have been making art all of my life."

While in Graduate school, a discussion we had while structuring our professional Artist presentations was our first Art experience(s). One of my fellow Grad Students mentioned drawing Bart Simpson in her school notebooks was her first memory of making something/being interested in art. Mine was thinking of my Grandfather's paintings and how he painted to remember the landscapes he experienced as a child.

I thought it would be interesting to share some of my first moments experiencing making things.

...Here it goes:

I have very vivid memories of making menus along with drawing all the various food and drink items (on these menus) to serve to my Grandparents. The restaurant slogan written neatly across the front of the menus read "Eat at EB's." EB's stood for "Eat at _______ (My Grandparents last name)." I thought it was pretty creative at the time and looking back, I am impressed with my food drawing skills.

My first sculptures were made on beaches. Known as Sandcastles to some, mine were decorated and cluttered with things I found along the beach. Straws, Trash, Seashells, Driftwood, bits of seaweed. A Hoarder's paradise.

Anytime the weather was nice outside, I was found drawing along the sidewalk with green, blue, yellow and pink sidewalk chalk. I probably was drawing flowers, little girls always want to draw flowers.

You could find me making hair wraps and bracelets with pony beads (the brighter the better) at summer camp, while I was wishing they would let us play with slippery muddy clay.

Using old crayons stored in an old vintage Captain Kangaroo lunchbox and in a re-used McDonald's nuggets box. I would draw pictures of things covered in hearts like houses and clothes in various tones of pink/red.

Coloring/Drawing/Scribbling with Crayola Washable Markers on every piece of paper I could find. Being told in Kindergarden I was no longer allowed to color during recess with my own markers (even though I happily shared with others).

Making Sand Art in glass bottles found in my Grandparent's basement, collages out of stuff that was doomed to make it in the trash and doodling on junk mail. These were a few of my favorite things.

Getting really excited every year to buy new school supplies. "Hello new markers, crayons, glue and pencils. It's always nice meeting your acquaintance!"

Taking an Adult clay class that focused on building forms where I made really oddball sculptures of heads. I only ended up keeping one out of all my pieces because some blew up while in a kiln (during a firing of another kid's solid horse head) and my mom and I failing to go back and pick up the rest.

Art has always been a part of me.

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