Thursday, April 10, 2014

My Fashion Habits...

I love reading fashion blogs but I don't consider myself to be a "Fashion Blogger" with these habits of mine...

My outfits tend to have many layers. I’ll put a sweater or shirt overtop of my dress—probably not showing the dress to it’s full potential. I’m known for mixing patterns and prints that just do not go together.

I hate styling my hair because it’s a massive ordeal every time. Thick. Coarse. Frizzy. An out of control, mess.

I wear old man sweaters that are usually thrifted. My vintage Cosby sweaters from Polo, Lacoste and Saks are my favorites. My husband doesn’t think the baggy-ness does my body any justice. So I just end up looking like a bag lady.

•At one point, I spent more on makeup/beauty products than I did on clothes. Junior year of college my beloved roommate Jess pointed this one out…as she used some of my Chanel powder and Lancome lipstick before we went out dancing.

I wear my clothes till they fall apart. Jeans have to be full of holes; t-shirts’ fabric has to be worn thin. Stitching has to become unraveling to even think about throwing away any loved items.

•While I have lots of accessories, I never organize them well so I tend to wear the same ones over and over again. I have been wearing pearl stud earrings practically for weeks now.

I am definitely not one to win the Selfie Olympics. If I did any Outfit of the Day posts often they would be a hot mess! My pale skin always seems so washed out. I take awkward photos and I don’t have fun backgrounds/props to pose with outside. #LetMeTakeASelfie

•If I could, I would wear a zipper hoodie, skinny jeans and v-neck tshirts everyday. How exciting. Maybe even spice it up with a tunic dress and some leggings.

What's in, in the Fashion world, is really in the eye of the beholder anyway.

What are some of your Fashion Habits?

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