Saturday, April 26, 2014

Now Let's De-Stress

It has been a very long and trying week.

I have a list of things constantly spinning around in my head.
Meanwhile, there is never enough time to ever finish things around the house.

Then there is this guy...

Smiling away at me when...

...he wakes up in the morning.
...he is done with that thing he hates called bath time.
...after he eats half his bottle and I'm dabbing his mouth with a burp cloth.
...when I play peek a boo with him on the floor.
...when I pick up his stuffed Octopus and it's making noise.
...Dad walks in the door.

I have been so stressed out over things I cannot control and then that little guy stops me in my tracks, every time.

Please don't ever stop smiling Miley.

Friends, how do you De-stress yourself?

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