Sunday, April 27, 2014

Second Guessing

This post is a reminder to myself and maybe to others that need it, that I need to stop Second Guessing.
That I should trust my own intuition.

Sketchbook pages, found images, graphite, colored pencil, 2013.

Being a student again for the next few months, has started an old habit that I need to quit... Second Guessing.

I define Second Guessing as being unsure of your first thought, idea or action.
It's a bad habit I have had for a long time. I was never good at multiple choice tests as a child because while I knew the right answer, I was paranoid about their being too many letter C's in a row. Second guessing myself also took up chunks of my time while I was in Graduate School fussing over small paint strokes and what do with the "empty space" in my drawings.

Last night, I told my husband my classwork is taking me twice is long as it should because I constantly Second Guess myself when it comes to writing down my thoughts even though I know the material. I change how I have written things over and over again until what I wanted to say is no longer on paper. He told me that I am smart and that I should just do what comes naturally.

As we tell the children in our Preschool classroom, "Just make a choice, it's okay if it's wrong."
Sometimes I am way too hard on myself on such simple things and I need to stop that negative behavior. I just need to make a choice and stick with it.

In the sketchbook pages above, I made direct choices where I placed things and how I created. I trusted my hand and my mind and this is a behavior that I need to use in my day to day again.

Do you ever Second Guess your decisions?

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