Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishful Wednesday

On this beautiful Wednesday in June, I have a couple of wishes for the summertime.

One. I have yet to see baby M rolling.

How do I know that he is rolling?
Well, every time I check on him sleeping in the crib, he is in a different direction then how I laid him to sleep.
Also, my husband has told me he's watched him roll to his side, then stomach and then the other side.
...yet Miley doesn't do it for me. Despite my husband saying, "Come over here and show your Mom!"

He smiles and lays flat until I put him on the changing table. He grabs at his feet and giggles while I attempt to change him. I have a little jokester on my hands. Can I just wish to see him roll (in a safe place) for me to see for myself?

Two. I'm ready to be done with my school work and become "senior staff" at my job.

I love my job, which is why I'm pursuing more education. However, it is currently taking several hours away from spending time with little M, my husband and my Mom. I am wishing for June to speed along and for it to be July already. July has always been one of my favorite months. Bring on the fireworks, baseball, swimming pools, sea glass hunting with Mom, playing with M and my wedding Anniversary. Bring on hours to potentially have some free time in my life again.

What are your Wednesday wishes?

Love the Here and Now

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