Saturday, February 7, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Thermalabs Self-Tanning Glow 2 Go Towelettes

When it comes to my skin, I am incredibly pale.
Sometimes I think my skin is actually really close to being translucent.
When there is a lot of unnatural light on, I'm washed out like a ghost...

So here's a confession...
I am constantly looking for the best self-tanner I can find.
Mainly, so my legs are not as white as snow during the Summer.

Luckily for me, the lovely people at Thermalabs sent me their phenomenal self-tanning Towelettes to try.

These Glow 2 Go Towelettes are incredible.

Here are all the things I love about these fantastic towelettes:
-The "tan" is easy apply to apply and it's streak free! Woohoo!
-The color shows up in only 4 hours.
-The product doesn't have a strong or bad odor like many self-tanners.
-You're not ending up with self-tanner all over your bathroom or clothes like you would with a spray tan.
-The color looks realistic, not orange. A nice, natural golden glow. :)
-The directions are easy to follow and direct.
-The towelettes are perfect for someone on the go, you could easily apply your tan at work or the gym.
-There are 20, yes 20 towelettes per box! So your tan will last a while!

Their slogan on the box reads "EVEN, STREAK FREE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME." Completely accurate.

Thermalabs, my pale legs thank you for all the sun they're getting in February. You can check out Thermalabs on amazon here (where they are sold exclusively): Thermalabs Glow 2 Go

You can find more about Thermalabs here:
Thermalab's FB page
Thermalab's Twitter page

***Disclosure: I received this products complimentary from Thermalabs. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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