Sunday, March 8, 2015

Discover with Doctor Cool: Real Bug Dig Kit Review

A Scorpion, a Spiny Spider, a Fortune Beetle...

These bugs are buried inside a bright green beetle-shaped digging brick just waiting to be dug up by little hands.

Almost every afternoon, I plan an "Afternoon Activity" for my Preschoolers. The activities revolve around Books, Art, Science, Music and reviewing their Numbers and Letters. The Lovely people over at Discover with Dr.Cool sent me their Real Bug Dig Kit for my kiddos to play with and they absolutely loved it!

I will admit, Rule #2 on the playground is: "No playing with the bugs!"
But this kit made playing with the bugs an attainable thing as the Bugs could not be harmed or sting anyone.

The kit comes with:
-Your beetle to Dig up (which includes a scorpion, a spider and a beetle specimen).
-Tools: A magnifying Glass, Plastic Digger and a Brush to brush away excess dirt.
-An Activity Booklet with Bug themed Related Puzzles and Games.
-An Adventure Guide that teaches kids all sorts of fun facts about Insects.

I did this activity with ten children.
My kids and I read some of the information in the Adventure Guide then they took turns digging into the Beetle.
I gave them spoons as another option to dig with.
It took the kids about 25 minutes to dig out the bugs.
After we dug them out, we gave them a "bath" in a clear cup of water.
Once the specimens were "clean," the kids took turns looking at them under the magnifying glass and passing them around.
Shortly after we tied up the lesson by coloring pictures of Scorpions. Many of them ended up colored pink.
There was a lot of, "Mom! Dad! We dug up bugs today!" as their parents picked them up.

Would I recommend this kit?

This kit and the lesson easily entertained my three/four year old preschoolers for almost an hour.
In 2013, this kit won the Brain Toy Gold Award - Academic's Choice 2013. It's educational and fun!

Also, it's incredibly easy to clean up, just sweep up the chalky dirt and wipe down the table and you're done.
If you would like to check out this kit and others, you can visit "Discover with Dr. Cool" here.

***Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from Discover with Doctor Cool for my honest review. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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