Thursday, March 5, 2015

That time I committed to my Health

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey's character on 30 Rock) and I always looked at food the same.
I would do anything for a good cheese, glass of wine or carbs in general. For the most part I over ate and even when I didn't, my schedule was so hectic I would skip meals or eat food that was incredibly bad for me.

Over the years, my unhealthy eating habits starting take a toll on me physically and mentally.
In graduate school, I would justify eating total garbage because I could "work it off" later. Between the stress of school/work/my personal life along with my eating habits, I gained a lot of weight.

I hated being "bigger," but it became incredibly hard for me to loose weight and my self-esteem really suffered.
After Graduate school and running around at a job I hated for eight months, I lost 35 pounds.
Meanwhile, I was shoveling sugar free energy drinks and chai tea loaded with espresso shots into my system.

I still never had any energy, no matter how active I was or how much caffeine I drank.
Three-Four months after all that weight loss I became pregnant with M.

I completely changed my eating habits again. I carried around snap peas and almonds to snack on. I attempted to drink my weight in water. I did not gain weight while pregnant at any sort of unhealthy rate, yet I had a doctor making comments because she thought I was fat....

"Do you eat donuts? Cookies? Stay away from Pizza. Try to eat vegetables. Maybe try salads."
At one moment, I physically wanted to scream, "No B*tch, I don't eat donuts. I just lost 35 pounds!!"
...But instead I cried to my husband I couldn't take it anymore (because she repeatedly made comments like this at me after showing up 45 minutes late to her office) and we immediately switched doctors (at 7 months pregnant)!

Having M was the best thing ever. However, like many woman will say your body is just different after having a baby. Since I never wore maternity clothes because of my original weight loss, I was back to wearing my old clothes immediately but I knew I could do better for myself and my body. I knew I could eat better.

Around the time M turned 11 months, I started a Super foods Nutrition program that helped me achieve something I did not know I could achieve. Today, I am on day 59 on the program. Yesterday I took this photo of myself and finally noticed I have lost "weight" on my face....

What you don't see in this photo are the tears that swelled up in my eyes over finally seeing my progress.

In 59 days I have lost the following inches off my body:
Neck: 1 inch.
Upper Arms: 1 inch on each arm.
Chest: 7 inches off my bust.
Diaphragm: 4.5 inches.
Waist: 7 inches.
Abdomen: 3 inches.
Buttocks: 3 inches.
Upper Thighs: 3 inches off each thigh.
Calves: Half in an inch off each thigh, gained muscle.
Knees: an inch off.

I have lost almost 35 inches off my body in two months. Two months!

I am not drinking caffeine. I started doing Cardio when I hadn't done Cardio in three years.
I am drinking lots of water and working on getting a better sleep schedule. Toxins are leaving my body. Meal prepping and not buying processed foods is just something out of habit for me.

I am incredibly excited about my progress even though this has been very very hard for me.
Looking forward to what the next month brings.

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