Sunday, February 16, 2014

Things my Baby Looks Like

My mom is one of the most animated, outgoing people I know. She totally lives by her own rules and says/does whatever she feels. It inspired this post already this past week.

Needless to say, she inspired more "Blog Gold," the day Miles was born.

Insert One of the first photos of Miles and an Ewok...

My Mom was in the delivery room before we found out had to have a c-section. She came back in our new hospital room, peeked at Miles for a few minutes and said to my husband...

"You know, he looks like one of those things from Return of the Jedi!"
Jason: "An EWOK?!?!"
Mom: "Yeah, that's it. It's in his eyes."

Jason was cracking up and I was all sorts of confused (in my twilight stage) trying to remember what an Ewok was.

I'm sure Miles will be think "Gee, thanks Grandma," when he's older.

He might be scarred at the fact that Grandma thinks he looks like a creature from Star Wars.
...Or he may be honored because after all because he does have an ABC Star Wars book in the nursery.
Remember C is for C-3PO.

...One of the babies on the Newborn Pampers Swaddlers Diapers box.

To be completely honest, I'm not sure which one of us noticed this first.
Although, I was staring at the box on underneath the changing table in awe.
I pointed it out to Jason and said he already noticed. I then, called my mom shortly after changing Miles and her response:

"I think I saw that box, Pampers should be paying us royalties. Then again, who are we kidding, Miles is way cuter."

Thanks Mom, you always know just what to say. Lol.

I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing saga on things/people/creatures Miles looks like. Poor kid.

**Please don't sue me George Lucas/Disney or Pampers for this post, Miles and I are big fans. Clearly!


Noor said...

OMG , I am laughing so hard. Except of that , your boy is SO cute ;)

Areeba said...

Hahaha I just cracked up! Miles is a handsome little boy! :)

Ember Grey. said...

Dying laughing!! Your little one is so sweet though!!

The Grits Blog said...

HA! That literally made me LOL!!

Miles is just precious!! Congrats :)

Ellie Sullivan said...

Awh I agree with mom, your baby is cuter than the one on the box! Just be glad he looks cute like an Ewok and not creepy like a gremlin ;)

Miss Angie said...

You just cracked me up! Love it!