Friday, October 16, 2009

the little things

I was going to write a blog post today but blogger evidentally does want to upload images for me until another time!

But I'll make a random list..

Things I've enjoyed today so far:
I'm on fall break so I'm really trying to de-stress because it's much needed.

1. Reading all the various blogs I follow on Google reader this morning.

2. Gunpowder Green tea with a dash of honey.

3. I talked to my brother, who moved to Israel last week.

4. Took a bubble bath with my Pomegranate Bubble Bath from Sephora.

5. Made two Artist Trading Cards for members of my new project,

6. Waking up to the sounds of the Bell Tower at KU this morning (I don't live far so I hear the bells every hour or so when they chime).

7. Seeing Where the Wild Things Are movie sometime this weekend.

8. Watching the clouds shift through my glass door.

9. Walking around barefoot in my apartment


Monday, October 5, 2009


My professor gave me box of glass medical slides today.
She found them when she was in grad school at RISD in a trashcan.
The side of the box reads Feb. 1965 but I think they're older.

They are about 2.5 x 3 inches in size from looks.
I'm excited to draw some of them...I've taped them on my sliding glass door so the light hits them well :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


I know I promised to blog more and I'm already slacking.

So here are some shots from what I've been working on in the studio the past couple of days.

Monotypes, drawings, oh and an accordion book on my desk ;)


My new favorite snack!!

yoga chips

I won a bunch of these awesome organic apple chips from one of my favorite Blogs!
Jennie writes about all things eco-friendly and green, it never disappoints!
you can check out Jennie and the lovely "Sweet Greens" blog here:

....and now more about why you should check out Yoga Chips!!
-All Natural, USDA Organic
-Fat Free and No Sugar Added
-No Preservatives
-100% Fuji Apples (my favorite kind) ;)

These chips are so tasty!!
They come in 5 different flavors:
Original, Apple Cinnamon, Caramel, Peach and Strawberry

I'm a big fan of the Peach ;)

Also, for those with peanut allergies, it reads on the packaging "This product does not contain any traces of nuts or peanuts." So no worries there!

They are made by yogavive,